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DAO deficiency

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Food supplement based on Legumactive®. It begins its journey in 2018 as the only one in the world after a long period of research and development since 2014.



100% NATURAL method with organic selection of legumes, offers a powerful enzymatic activity of VEGETABLE DAO (Diamino Oxidase), Catalase (CAT) and Phytonutrients.


Vegetable DAO Enzyme

We are proud to say that our Vegetable DAO is the PIONEER as such in the DAO deficit.


Role CAT-DAO-Histamine

Catalase enzyme (CAT) provides oxygen by favouring the balance for the decomposition of the DAO-Histamine reaction. Recent scientific studies made from human intestinal cells suggest that when histamine degrades by means of DAO, from this are released toxic compounds such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and imidazole acetaldehyde, however, with the presence of CAT this does not happen. See article.


HDU's vs Weight (mg)

Expressed with the English acronym HDU (Histamine Digesting Units). It is the correct way to quantify the activity and therefore the ability to degrade the DAO enzyme. It would be a mistake to express it in units of weight since it would not be giving any information of value to the consumer and there might be no activity because the enzyme is denatured.


Catalase enzyme (CAT)

Coming from the membranes of our legumes, it plays an important role. How to know if your product has Catalase enzyme.


Enzymatic activity

Our products currently offer around 1,000,000 HDU's per dose respectively without chemical processes involved in their production. Its high activity can be up to 700 times higher than other DAOs of animal origin.


Organic Product

Legumactive® is conceived from the best selection of legumes from CONTROLLED ORGANIC AGRICULTURE.


Vegan product

Naturdao® only uses ingredients of vegetable origin. Therefore, it is totally SUITABLE for Vegans and Vegetarians.


Digestion tests

Our products have been tested using different technologies such as image diagnostics and disintegration tests.


Stability tests

Naturdao® has been subjected to different stability tests in order to offer the consumer a product as unaltered as possible and highly effective.



Naturdao® is a QUALITY PRODUCT and as such we recommend you to keep the product in a cool, dry place.



Our facilities enjoy an allergen control plan and we declare that there is no presence of cereals containing gluten, fish, soy, milk, celery and derived products.



All our batches are scrupulously analyzed in search of possible threats. Being part of a program of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Use tips

-Take one tablet 5 minutes before each meal with a little water.
-For its highest efficiency it is highly recommended to follow a program designed to suit you by a dietitian, nutritionist or professional with knowledge regarding DAO deficiency and foods with histamine and biogenic amines.


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The best way is to take it daily with a little water 5 minutes before each meal as a recommendation.

It’s not the recommended way to take it. Please bear in mind that the DAO supplement should be taken before your meal, as its content will help to break down some amines and prevent them from being absorbed.

Our product belongs to the family of digestive enzymes and does not exhibit any side effects or interactions.  Furthermore, our DAO supplement, due to its molecular weight, does not pass into your bloodstream, but instead goes through your entire digestive system until it is excreted.

In general, most people take it with their main meals since they are the most varied in terms of ingredients and the most copious. However, there are people who also take it with breakfast or a snack.
Our advice is that you adjust your DAO intake as you notice better results. No one knows you better than yourself.

First of all, it’s important to know if your ailments come from your diet. There are experts who point out that with a restrictive diet of certain amines for about two to four weeks, it may be enough time to notice improvements. We would like to point out that your diet is the most important thing to consider as it will bring your gut microbiota back into balance. You should consider supplementation as an extra help in the process. It is recommended to be supervised/guided by a medical professional.

This product has not been designed for children. In any case, a medical professional should advise you, but always supervised by an adult.

Preferably, the tablet should be swallowed whole. However, some of our customers break it into two or three pieces to help make it easier to swallow.

In our opinion, supplementation may be an option to consider when a person has insufficient levels of DAO. On the other hand, it should be noted that you should take into account your diet. Recovering the balance of your intestinal microbiota along with your well-being is essential, with the supplementation of the enzyme DAO it will provide extra help throughout this process.

A low amine diet is also a great tool for treating histamine intolerance. Following a strict diet low in histamine and other biogenic amines for 2-4 weeks might be enough to check if you have a histamine intolerance or not. It is important not to follow the diet indefinitely and not without the supervision of a qualified nutritionist.
You can analyze the DAO enzyme in plasma in your trusted laboratory. Determining the activity of this enzyme will help you know if your symptoms may be due to a histamine intolerance.

Our supplement, like the vast majority of supplements on the market, lacks sufficient studies with pregnant women. You should avoid taking any medication or supplement during pregnancy that is not under medical supervision.
Finally, I would like to tell you that, from the 7th month of pregnancy, your placenta will produce about 500 times more DAO than usual as a protection mechanism for the foetus.

To date, we have found no published data on its excretion in breast milk.
Its high molecular weight and insignificant intestinal absorption make its passage into breast milk very unlikely.
According to the website, “Breast milk has the power to degrade histamine because it contains the enzyme histaminase as an anti-inflammatory factor (Lawrence 2016 p183). This same enzyme, histaminase or diamine oxidase (DAO), present in the small intestine and ascending colon (and kidney), destroys ingested histamine and normally prevents its passage into plasma in significant amounts (Kovacova 2015, Kanny 1999).”
In any case, we recommend that you always consult your paediatrician first.

No, there is no difference. Both, over time, without being presented in a specific galenic format, inevitably become denatured, gradually losing their enzymatic activity.

The indisputable answer is that a single unit of plant DAO has a gigantic catalytic power compared to the same unit of animal DAO. In other words, this highly significant difference in enzymatic activity indicates that plant DAO in the digestive tract can be capable of degrading hundreds of times more amines from ingested food in tenths of seconds.
Therefore, enzymes are measured by activity, not by unit weight. In the case of DAO, they are HDU (Histamine Digesting Units).