Frequently Asked Questions

How does NaturDAO work?

Experts suggest that following a restrictive diet of specific Amines for about 2/4 weeks may be sufficient to notice improvements.

Indeed, nutrition plays a crucial role in restoring the balance of our gut microbiota. In this process, the assistance of DAO supplementation is recommended along with the supervision of a specialist in the field.

How should I take Naturdao?

It is recommended to take it daily before meals. It is a supplement designed to be easily swallowed with a little water. Ideally, take a dose about 5 minutes (for tablets) or 15 minutes (for capsules) before meals.

Generally, most people take it with their main meals as they are the most varied in terms of ingredients and the most substantial. However, some people also take it with breakfast or snacks.

Our advice is for you to adjust your DAO intake based on the results you perceive. No one knows yourself better than you do.

If you forget to take Naturdao before, taking it afterward is not the most appropriate.

It’s important to consider that the DAO supplement should go before the meal, as its content will serve to break down those amines to prevent them from being absorbed.

Can Naturdao be split/crushed/opened…?

TABLETS: Ideally, the tablet should be swallowed whole. However, some of our customers split it into two or three halves to facilitate swallowing, and it helps them.

CAPSULES: The capsule coating is necessary for it to reach the small intestine and release its content, so they should not be opened as their interior would be exposed to stomach acid and could lose its functional activity.

There are some diagnostic tests, but a low-amine diet is also a great tool for treating and detecting histamine intolerance. Following a strict low-histamine and other biogenic amine diet for 2-4 weeks could be sufficient to check if you suffer from histamine intolerance or not. It’s important not to follow the diet indefinitely and not without the supervision of a qualified nutritionist.

On the other hand, you can analyze the activity of the DAO enzyme in plasma in your trusted laboratory. Determining the activity of this enzyme will help you know if your symptoms may be due to histamine intolerance.

Supplementation can be an option to consider when a person has insufficient levels of DAO.

On the other hand, special attention must be paid to the diet. If your goal is to restore the balance of the gut microbiota along with your well-being, DAO enzyme supplementation will provide extra support in this process.

The answer, without a doubt and unequivocally, is its effectiveness.

Regarding stability, both, over time, without being presented in a specific galenic format, inevitably denature, gradually losing their enzymatic activity.

But the difference between plant-based and animal-based DAO is their enzymatic activity. A single unit of plant-based DAO has a gigantic catalytic power compared to the same unit of animal-based DAO.

In other words, this vast difference in enzymatic activity indicates that plant-based DAO in the digestive tract can break down hundreds of times more amines from ingested food in fractions of a second.

It’s worth remembering that enzymes are measured by activity, not by weight. In the case of DAO, it’s HDU (Histamine Digesting Units), which comes from the abbreviation in English: Histamine Digesting Units. And this is the indicator that will show you the enzymatic activity of any DAO supplement.

Beyond this, of course, there are other positive and decisive factors to choose plant-based DAO, such as its ‘cruelty-free’ origin (the animal-based one usually comes from pig kidneys) and the fact that it’s a product of plant origin, making it a 100% suitable supplement for vegans.

Our product belongs to the family of digestive enzymes and shows no side effects or interactions so far described. Furthermore, our DAO supplement, due to its molecular weight, does not transfer to your bloodstream but travels through your entire digestive system until its excretion, providing the benefits of its enzymatic activity.

As of the last update, we found no published data on its excretion in breast milk.

Its high molecular weight and its negligible intestinal absorption make its passage into breast milk very unlikely.

According to the website, “Breast milk has the ability to break down histamine by containing the enzyme histaminase (Lawrence 2016 p183). This same enzyme, histaminase or diamine oxidase (DAO), present in the small intestine and ascending colon (and kidney), breaks down ingested histamine and normally prevents its passage to plasma in significant amounts (Kovacova 2015, Kanny 1999).” In any case, we recommend consulting with your pediatrician.

This product has not been designed for children. In any case, a professional should advise, but always under adult supervision.

Our supplement, like the vast majority of supplements on the market, lacks sufficient studies with pregnant women. You should avoid taking any medication or supplement during pregnancy that is not under medical supervision.

Furthermore, from the 7th month of pregnancy, your placenta will produce about 500 times more DAO than usual as a mechanism to protect the fetus. So, your natural ability to degrade histamine will increase substantially, and mostly, you will not require DAO supplementation.

On one hand, Naturdao capsules have more enzymatic activity than Naturdao tablets. However, the main and most noticeable difference is how it releases in your digestive system.

Tablets are an excellent option in most cases, as they are quickly available in your digestive system before meals due to being slow-release.

In simplified terms, we have “tablets” that are “slow-dissolving” or capsules with “delayed release.” We recommend trying both at intervals of one or two weeks to see which presentation best suits your digestive system.

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